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Hi my name is Jinn Yagi.

I am an Artist / Photographer born in Kyoto Japan and owner of this house.

Check lists 

□ My family living in the house 2 year old daughter / 0 year old child 
There is no Kitchen
□ Slope around the house is a bit hard

Now I have my family living together here in this house which means I can see all the guests and communicate well.

This house is used to be one big guest house, but now since this Covid19 world wide situation has happened, I have stopped running the guest house and I started to live here.

However I did not want to just quit so I left the good part of this house for future Guest house. Leaving the part of Private Hinoki (Cypress) Bath and I have renovated the one room and made another entrance for the Guests. It has really nice entrance now.So I hope you like the house and stay happy. I have placed Air Virus Cleaner inside the rooms and we do clean and sanitize the rooms every time.

Certified Kyoto Traditional House

77 years old traditional house located on the hill,

Very sophisticated area, quiet and peaceful, surrounded by the nature with ZEN garden with big Hinoki Bath.

Convenient for East area of Kyoto such as world heritage "Silver Temple" and many more.

3miles to Gion main area, 3.6miles to Downtown

Suitable for family or couple who loves to relax in a traditional house

BEST AIRBNB House in Kyoto!

"Jinn‘s house is a wonderful tranquil place! You can experience a traditional Japanese home including a beautiful Zen like garden. We stayed there with our 3 year old daughter who loved running around the house and sleeping on a Futon bed down on the floor. The best part is the huge wooden bath that is fully automatic - one click and it fills up automatically at the exact chosen temperature and also keeps it warm at that. Your own private Onsen that has space for 4 people. We can definitely recommend the house for family or couple

more review here (it is more accurate than my explanation haha)